N. S. Xavier, M.D.

Power and Benefits of Conscience

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* Conscience, which is both nurturing and protective, is within us, so we can easily utilize it.

* Conscience is the key to spiritual strength.

* Conscience and virtue go hand in hand.

* Conscientious individuals live longer, as shown by a seventy year follow-up study of over 1,500 people.

* Conscience can be an extremely powerful element of psychological health.

* Living by a well-informed conscience promotes inner tranquility, discipline, and happy relationships. Living by conscience involves the good use of will power to promote healthy life-styles.

* Seven of the twelve steps of AA and similar groups are about ways to use conscience in making right choices.

* Healthy conscience is the most significant feature of the strong survivors of dysfunctional families.

* Mahatma Gandhi and others who used his approach transformed individuals, communities, and nations for the better by using the power of conscience.

* Conscience and courage were the main features of the ordinary people who saved Jews from Hitler.