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"My life's work has shown me that, without a doubt, peace must be built from the inside out.That is, peace requires our commitment not only on national and international levels, but on the most personal level imaginable; we can truly vanquish prejudice, hate and violence from our society only when we vanquish them within our own hearts. Dr. Xavier's clear and accessible book provides valuable tools in that effort and in the pursuit of empathy, harmony and hope."
- Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate

"...refreshing, lucid, timely and enormously relevant for this century."
- K.L.S.Rao, Chief Editor, Encyclopedia of Hinduism

"This self-help book has unusual and much-needed substance and depth. Xavier provides a wise synthesis for understanding both psychological and spiritual health. It is attained by the use of conscience which is differentiated from superego."
- Arthur M. Freeman, III, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UAB; Former Dean, LSU School of Medicine

"A sensitive, compelling and exacting book that blends the wisdom of Psychiatry and Religion, Science and Philosophy. Dr. Xavier speaks to the heart and the mind"
- Episcopal Bishop and famous author John Shelby Spong

"This book is easy to read and it makes the complex nature of Conscience and Superego easy to understand. This book can also be used as a guide to examine our own needs as well as others' needs. Fulfilling Heart and Soul enlightens us about the very creative role conscience and insights into human needs can play in dealing with conflicts ranging from interpersonal and interpersonal to international. I strongly recommend this book as a must-read in psychiatric education. This unique contribution to psychiatry and spirituality can be recommended to many patients."
- Nalini V. Juthani, M.D., Psychiatry Residency Program Director for twenty-five years

"The clarifications Xavier makes in this book are absolutely essential if we are going to move religion to a an adult plane."
- Richard Rohr, Catholic priest and spiritual director for 40 years.

"A well written book with excellent clinical examples, Fulfilling Heart and Soul focuses on conscience, a neglected area of discussion in the mental health community."
- Allan M Josephson, M.D., Professor and Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Louisville School of Medicine; co-editor, The Handbook of Spirituality and Worldview in Clinical Practice.

"Not one of the best, but the best book I have ever read."
- Saleem Naviwala, M.D.

"The interdisciplinary character of this book offers helpful insights for us in the process of becoming whole and holy."
- Fr. Richard M Gula, Professor of Moral Theology, Graduate Theological Union, Berkley.

" A wonderful book. Its focus on conscience is a critically important contribution"
- Michael D. McGee, M.D., Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

"... is both thought-provoking and practical in its message. The reader is provided helpful insights focusing on the spiritual and moral consequences of one's actions. The concept of conscience is fully examined and the use of this book in our Sunday School Class provided an excellent resource for discussion, dialogue, increased understanding and growth."
- Neil R. Berte, former President of Birmingham-Southern College

"...most engaging and informative...provides a psychological/spiritual framework for self-actualization."
- Jesse Milby, former Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, UAB.

"...a rare and delightful book of practical guidance combining psychiatric and religious knowledge , keen insights into human needs and conscience, and compelling stories."
- Fisher Humphries, former Professor of Theology, Samford University.

"...a broad and comprehensive look to a path that can make you whole."
- James Redfield, author of the bestseller The Celestine Prophecy