N. S. Xavier, M.D.


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Finally, a very practical guide for a fulfilling life--a book combining the wisdom of psychiatry, religion, literature, history and philosophy. This book is based on practical experience of integrating psychiatry and spirituality over three decades, and the book is endorsed by a world leader in spirituality, a Nobel Peace Laureate and many prominent figures in psychiatry and in Western and Eastern religions.

Fulfillment Using Real Conscience (copyright 2009, publisher: Authorhouse) is a version of previously published Fulfilling Heart and Soul with a few additions. It is a groundbreaking work of insight, inspiration, information and pragmatic guidance for psychological and spiritual fulfillment. Xavier makes complex but crucial issues of life easy to understand by clear explanations and compelling examples. With originality and depth, he distinguishes between one's real conscience and one's socially programmed superego frequently confused as conscience, and shows the great benefits of following conscience. The book also provides a good perspective on human needs (such as power, esteem, pleasure and meaning) and the role of conscience in handling them properly. And it explains the common ways we evade or contradict our consciences to our own detriment. Human conflicts are related to our needs and the different superego judgments of right and wrong. The insights of this book regarding needs, superego and conscience can promote peace and well-being in individuals, communities and the world. Therefore, the work is extremely timely as we face widespread conflicts, deep crises, and with it, wonderful opportunities for transformation.

Xavier's two previous books are the scholarly acclaimed The Two Faces of Religion: A Psychiatrist's View, and The Holy Region: A Wonder of World Religions in Harmony.